Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13-Apostle Paul


Diakonos is a club for business executives who have a desire to support the works of Christian organizations through financial contributions.

Proper funding plays a crucial role in the success of every organization and is required to fuel any effort to bear fruit. Despite the abundance of wealth in today's society, it is rarely used for good purposes. Diakonos makes efforts to channel more of this wealth to Christian organizations to be used to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Diakonos carries out its mission by gathering business leaders who have a passion to support the good works of Christian organizations. The club is focused on two core practices:

Charity is the foundation of Diakonos. Members of the club regularly give donations to various Christian ministries and causes around the world. Meetings are held to give updates and information on potential recipients to help make decisions where to send contributions. The effects and results of the contributions made are also reported so that future donations can be made with the most impact.

Financial and Business Development
Diakonos has developed several programs to give training on how to become an effective donor and a model Christian business leader. These programs are designed to help Christian executives to build successful companies that become a positive influence on society through ethical business practices and the spirit of giving.